The SMPL model is available for non-commercial research, education, and artistic purposes only. By downloading the model you agree to the license terms.
The model is also available for commercial purposes by contacting Body Labs Inc (
If you are unsure whether your use counts as as non-commercial please contact before downloading the model.


SMPL is an easy-to-use, realistic, model of the of the human body that is useful for animation and computer vision.
SMPL lets you create realistic human body shapes with realistic deformations.
Available here is a version of SMPL that is similar to that described in this paper.

Note that the version here is a beta version and not yet fully featured. We are working on pushing out more features and will email you when new features are released.

 SMPL for Python Users

  • Included in this download:

    • - Model files:
      • PKL file-format
      • separate male/female model file
      - Code:
      • Functions to load / save SMPL models
      • ‘Hello World’ sample scripts

  • System Requirements

  • Operating system: OSX, Linux

  • Python Dependencies

  • Download

 Sample Animated Bodies

    These are FBX files that you can load and play in most graphics software (Unity is currently not supported but a fix is coming soon).


  • Included in this download:

    • - Male and female versions (FBX files):
      • rigged model
      • 10 shape blend shapes
      • 207 pose blend shapes
      - script and data to use SMPL in Maya
      - README.txt file

    If you want to edit body shape or repose the mesh, you need the script.

  • Dependencies

  • Numpy is required for running this script. Numpy is a python module that can be installed following the instructions given here or here
    Please make sure you have numpy installed on your computer and accessible through Maya's python. We are working towards removing this dependency.

  • Download

  • Release notes for version 1.0.2

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  • How to use the shape blendshapes inside Maya (video)

      • Pose